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 Address :  1 path of the plain of Jouars -  78,490  MOTHER 

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FIA approved equipment

Whether you are a pilot, with or without a coach, passionate about classic vehicles or motivated by the idea of feeling the sensations of driving a racing vehicle, we invite you to come and try the experience on our driving simulator. Open to corporate events.

Our offer is particularly suited to drivers who wish to prepare for events such as the Tour Auto, Le Mans Classic, GT Championships, etc. 

We are working in collaboration with Bruno Besson, former Gt and F3 pilot, who will be able to accompany you with his expert eye, in your preparation.

Forbidden at least 15 years old


Several formulas at your disposal in the discipline of your choice, in a time trial or race format, on our car driving simulator:

Coaching with Bruno Besson is reserved for half-day or full-day sessions.

75 €


Come and learn piloting techniques with specialists during training sessions.  30 min of driving on the track (s) and cars of your choice. 

€ 140


Improvement of your performances during 1 hour . Possibility of data exploitation. 15% discount on the 2nd hour.

€ 500


Half day rental  for the training of pilots, with coaching. Possibility of recording and analyzing telemetry data.

To book, contact us at or at

Address: Mécabora Classic - 1 path in the plain of Jouars -  78,490  MOTHER 

For companies wishing to organize events with the CE or others, contact us by email to discuss in detail your wishes and needs.



- Carbon bucket seat

- Harness for the feeling of deceleration

- Electric jacks

- Vibrating system behind the seat (vibrators, motors, coverings, etc.)

- Configurable carbon steering wheel (GT or single-seater)

- Adjustable crankset from 50kg to 200kg, assisted by electric jacks

- 6 speed + sequential gearbox

- Triple 55-inch screen for 180 ° vision

- Yaw movement to feel the car's balance on the track (left and right)

- Movement nose up, dive, roll (forward, backward)


FIA approved D-Box equipment

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