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With the experience of several Matra reconstructions such as the famous Matra 640, Mecabora Classic is fortunate to have most of the plans for the cars thanks to Georges Martin's nephew, Jérôme Lallemand, Managing Director of the company. In addition, the knowledge of Pierre Rageys concerning the history of Matra and the skills of the team, make them specialists in the reconstruction of his legendary cars which rocked the hours of glory of the 24 hours of Le Mans.

plans d'ingénierie

Matra plans

Mecabora Classic has many plans and documents to rebuild Matra equipped with V12 engines

Moteur Matra.webp

V12 engines

Mecabora Classic is able to start up and sell original Matra engines.

Matra Goodwood.webp

Know how

Mecabora Classic is already rebuilding two Matra 650s, and have know-how due to the experience of its associates.

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